Fyza Ali (soniaxfyza) – Instagram Star Dubai Biography

Fyza Ali, the designer and maker of profoundly acclaimed “Buffing Technique comes as one of the most acclaimed and famous Makeup Artist. She is making all the headlines these days for her perfect make up skills and achievements. Fyza is additionally perceived for being a major Instagram Star and further go about as an influencer to assist a great many individuals with her astounding beauty tips.

Launching her ambitions at an early age


Ms. Fyza Ali Dubai was born on 22nd August, 1992 in London, England and completed her education from London. Since her youth, she has been quite phenomenal in the field of makeup and related techniques. She is engaged in random makeup acts since she is 15 years, while keeping up with education simultaneously .Fyza Ali further proceeded to study English in the UK yet simultaneously she continued with her efforts in the makeup industry by working for majority of the models within the college.

During her school days itself, she enjoyed makeup acts for London fashion week models. In addition, Fyza self-planned the Bridal Makeup in the UK for both Middle East and south Asian women around. Reliably, Fyza’s reached to some colossal fame as most of the members from the Royal family made it to the list of her elite clients. In any case, hr endeavors continued going as she joined makeup classes in the Uk to improvise on her makeup aptitudes.

During one of her makeup classes in 2014, Fyza Ali founded the incredibly famous “Buffing Technique” which is being sought after by various Supermodels, Celebrities and members of Royal Families. Ensuing to securing some big popularity, Fyza moved to Kuwait to spend some quality time with her friends and family yet she didn’t surrender her on her endeavors towards her passion. Indeed, she started using Social Media to advance and promote her makeup work and different techniques. Through her steady endeavors, she has now been incorporated into the Top Makeup Artist List and since the time helped a major number of individuals around.

Right from that point onwards, Fyza Ali decided to move to Dubai with her sister Sonia Ali, one of the most perceived Makeup and Fashion Blogger and both of them made it into the top of the Fashion, beauty, skin care world. Fyza and Sonia both started using social media to advertise their work with new and amazing makeup looks while prescribing some great beauty tips to their large number of supporters.

Fyza reliably encourages the ladies around to endeavor new things with their skin care and makeup rutine, and she is exceptionally vocal about her work in fillers and botox. Fyza Ali says, “Ladies, it’s OK to be enhanced until the process is safe and right ‘.

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